New Jersey: BakedBouquet

Imagine this! A bouquet of flowers made out of cupcakes! Have you heard of this?

“Delicious, crafty, special and great gift!” – Sana



I had the pleasure to visit BakedBouquet this summer in New Jersey. This little shop on 534 Bloomfield Ave is magical. Ranging from a variety of colors like blue to red flowers, I was amazed at how beautiful each and every cupcake is made. All the cupcakes arranged neatly on a vase made it a very special gift.

Q: Which one is your favorite?

A: My favorites are the American Beauty and the Amber Blush.

It just feels my heart with love, joy and a day of smiles.




Q: What do you like about BakedBouquet?

A: They are a local, fresh and inspiring place with a new concept of bakery florist.

Q: Is the cupcakes really that good?

A: Yes! Chocolate cupcakes with rich buttercream frostings are my faves. They also have gluten free creations. YUM YUM YUM


If you are in the neighborhood, highly recommended to check out


Share the love! Give it as a gift! #BakedBouquet #CupcakeBouquet #Thisartcupcakes


Review by Sana A.



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