It suck! Rejections after rejections suck big time. I hate it. Rejections after rejections again.

I have applied to a dozen of jobs with countless resume, cover letters and still little news of getting a job. It worried me financially and emotionally where will my life lead me. I pushed and pull all my thoughts and power together hoping to have just one chance. A interview, but nope, no calls or emails. I waited patiently. Praying and hoping I landed a job.


Rejections. It makes you feel kind of lost, hopeless, and you hop on to the boat of doubts, low self esteem, and wonder where you fit in the wide world. How can you make your world and the big world outside you a great one? On the job hunt is tough. Many times I wonder what kinds of jobs do I like? I sure do know what I don’t like, but how can I get where I want to do. I lost hope of my dreams, my passions and its takes toll on me to hear I was rejected again.


In a bright light, today one of the best and kind mentor like person said her favorite quote is “you are just one person to the world, but to a person you can be the world for them.”

And this really helps me in perspective, yeah I might not be able to find a job quite yet, I might not be qualify, but so what. I can be the world to others. #lifematters #youdabest #igotthis4real



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