Job Hunting for International Students 101 Part 1 – Getting all the tools you need

Hello, welcome to the Job Hunting for International Students Series. I will give some tips on how you as a 4 year-degree seeker can secure a job after college.

Part 1: Getting all the tools you need.

Well lets cut straight to the point here. Our biggest issue is finding a company that sponsors international student visas (HB1 visas) in our field. To be honest, plain and straight, the I.T. field provides the best sponsorship. From a broad perspective, the STEM field provides the best sponsorship. But what do you do if you are in other fields? Or maybe you are in the I.T. field and still not sure how to get started?  

My first recommendation is to start early. If you are looking to start working in June/July, start your preparation from November/December – so 7/8 months prior. If you are reading this close to the time by which you hope to be working, don’t panic, it’s not too late. After you graduate you still have a 2 month leeway (student visa is only valid for 60 days after your graduation date, so you can stay in the US legally until August, if you graduate in June).  Let’s get our tools ready.

A google doc of these things would be nice and easy to maintain. You will need:


  1. A list of people who can help you as a career counsellor. Your school probably has a department for this (Kalamazoo College has the Center of Career and Professional Development). If your school doesnt have this, a general counsellor or faculty advisor should be fine.
  2. A list of all the activities/jobs/honours you’ve gotten/done and their description
  3. A list of courses you’ve taken, relevant to what you are thinking of applying for
  4. A list of all the places you want to apply to, or a list of the general areas you want to work in.
  5. At least one suit, for interviews. And a nice pair of shoes.
  6. A LinkedIn account

Once you’ve done all these things, you are ready for See Part 2 of the series here. Stay tuned for next week.

Job Hunting for International Student Series:


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