Hmong Movies

I bet you have never watched a Hmong movie if you aren’t Hmong! The other day my husband was saying he wanted to watch Bollywood because he hasn’t been watching any since he started Stranger Things. It had never occurred to me that I wanted to watch Hmong movies. The reason why Hmong movies are... Continue Reading →


Painting in New York City

While visiting my friends in New York, I had the privilege to attend a painting class at Painting Lounge Midtown Site. It was a really enjoyable experience. If you are in town and are thinking of things to do, consider painting. Plus, you can bring your own wine and drink while you paint, for... Continue Reading →

Henna? Say whaaaa…

  What is Henna and why do people do it? According to Silks and Stone, Henna is a form of art practiced over 5000 years in Pakistan, India, Africa and the Middle East. Check here to learn more about the history of henna. “It is often used to cool down the body as well as used... Continue Reading →

Guest Blog: Get Artzy

“The reason I draw is because of people like you” –Emily This was taken from a thank you card that I received recently from a 6th grader. I have never imagined that such a card can bring me so much joy. In January I taught two short 30 minute digital anime drawing class. It was... Continue Reading →

BBQ at Home!

Family BBQ is the best. Especially on a day when you are hungry after work and you come home to a loud, hungry family and everyone sits around the table for the first time in a long time and just talk. Coming from a big family, we barely have the time to sit around and... Continue Reading →

Monopoly Game Night

Have you played the game Monopoly? Did you know that this game can teach you a lot about MONEY. I learn how to budget, make plans, set goals, and how to have money. It was exciting to see how much money you have after you start buying property and homes but at the same time... Continue Reading →

Chill fridays

So tonight is a night where I just do my hair and chill at home. I have Saturday and Sunday plans, so tonight, no questions asked, it's K time! As I mentioned, I'm going to do my hair by dying my locs black. Some months ago I dyed the tips light brown, but now it's... Continue Reading →

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