You should document your life. Or just about anything. Document it! Recently Ai Wei Wei made a film called the Human Flow. It is about the recent refugees' crisis and he traveled to many countries documenting their stories. Stories of mothers, children, and refugees who had to leave their home because of their religious belief,... Continue Reading →


How to get unstuck from your story

Hello! Lately I've been feeling like I'm being tossed to and fro by life and missing my personal deadlines, feeling stuck. But I've also been doing some deep reflections, some of the deepest ones I've ever done in my life. This video struck me because I realized I have lost hold of my vision! There's... Continue Reading →

1 down, 1 more to go!

I am done with my first year of graduate school and one more to go! To those who are thinking about going to graduate school but not really sure if it is the right choice for you. I encourage you to look at schools and apply anyways. You never know who you will meet or... Continue Reading →

Why Are You Lacking Motivation?

Often I find it hard to say exactly where I am going and what I am doing. I have been juggling with my personal life, school work, and professional work recently. With many tasks to do everyday I feel boggled down. I just don't have motivation. I am tired. I just want to sit down... Continue Reading →

Job Hunting for International Students 101 Part 7 – You made it to a face-to-face interview, now what?

Hello, welcome to the Job Hunting for International Students Series. I will give some tips on how you as a 4 year-degree seeker can secure a job after college. Job Hunting for International Student Series: Part 7: Face to face interview   Wow, so you’ve made it this far! Congrats! It means they like... Continue Reading →

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