The Young Christian

Everything I know about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit is because of my mother. In my eyes she was the perfect Christian. Even though I know everyone has flaws, to me she was perfect. I couldn't find anything that she ever did or said wrong. I always had that thought until I was well into... Continue Reading →


Hmong New Year

You hear the jingling of coins as people walked. Ching-ching-ching... Every year during Thanksgiving time, we usually celebrate our Hmong new year. There is a big festival downtown and everyone would wear their Hmong clothes. Yes, even in the winter. Put away your coats, and take out your high heels. The Hmong New year is... Continue Reading →

The Young Engineer

Last week I posted about my dad and finances. This week I'd like to post about my dad and what he taught me about critical thinking. Growing up I was always surrounded my computers, because of my dad's interest. He was an engineer and so he was interested in physics, mathematics and computer science. I... Continue Reading →

The Young Treasurer

Last week I posted on how my mom taught me responsiblity :). Now let's move on to my dad. Please note: there isn't a Jamaican that I know that gets 'allowance'. Such things don't exist in a country where you are in 'survival mode' all the time. Allowance is for the privileged (in my head,... Continue Reading →

The Young Secretary

Any Jamaican will tell you that learning responsibility and accountability was a crucial part of growing up that we MUST learn, whether in school or at home. My mother had a rather interesting was of teaching us responsibility. It went a little something like this: "Hello?" "Hi, this is the Hales residence, how may I help... Continue Reading →

In Memory of My Loving Grandmother

Rest in peace, Grandma. “You are so chubby.” She would say. “Eat some food.” She would tell me. “When are you heading back to school?” She would ask me. Every time I headed home and she would visit my family, she always tells me to study hard and become a leader. This is because there... Continue Reading →

Mother Lucilda Thompson

My  maternal grandmother died last month. I was right in the middle of teaching a class at work when I heard about it and lol it goes without saying that the class went downhill from there :). Her funeral is tomorrow (Aug 13) but unfortunately, I will not be there. One of my contributions in... Continue Reading →

Comics and doodles

Well, I guess it's a throwback in a way. I believe it was 2008 when I dived into the wonderful world of comics. And I'm not talking about the traditional comics like Marvel. I'm talking about web comics. I mean, as a child I'd read the comics section in the newspaper every single Sunday. It... Continue Reading →

Growing Up

Who says we have to grow up? Sometimes I smile simply because I can still be me and not have think about being an adult Sometimes I can relax and not have to worry about my future Sometimes I wonder how can I spend today any better than chillaxing Sometime I do not have to... Continue Reading →

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