First-time car buyer

I just moved to the frigid state of Minnesota, with a lot of mixed reviews from other people in my head regarding public transportation. The only thing that is consistent with all the people I've spoken to is that it is COLD. Freezer burn type of cold. On the topic of public transportation, I've realized... Continue Reading →


One of my friend recommended this app for me to try. It’s basically an app that you use to get cash back from your previous purchases, kind of like a saving app. To elaborate, for example, let say I went grocery shopping. I would use the app and scan the barcodes of all the items... Continue Reading →

The New African American Museum

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of going to the African American Museum. Here are my thoughts! FINALLY a museum I can relate to! It was VERY crowded They need more bathrooms Half hour wait to get to the history section Obama!!! THE CARIBBEAN DIASPORA SECTION!!!! YES! They had an entire section dedicated... Continue Reading →

My experience with Caribbean Airlines

So, it was early March, and I just got done soaking up some sun, eating the good food and receiving some familial love n Jamaica for 2 weeks. It's about 10pm at night and I hear the lady bellow over the speakers that the flight to New York with Caribbean Airlines is gonna be delayed for another 40... Continue Reading →

New Jersey: BakedBouquet

Imagine this! A bouquet of flowers made out of cupcakes! Have you heard of this? “Delicious, crafty, special and great gift!” - Sana   I had the pleasure to visit BakedBouquet this summer in New Jersey. This little shop on 534 Bloomfield Ave is magical. Ranging from a variety of colors like blue to red... Continue Reading →

Peaceful Place

  Close your eyes. Take a breath. Imagine a place. A peaceful place. Breathe out. Think about how it makes you feel at peace. Is the breeze? Is it the smell? Is it the colors?   Create a place where you want to go. What does it have? Is it really what you where you... Continue Reading →

Where to go? My bed!

My bed is the best thing ever. I say this because this week I was sick, a all-a-sudden overnight fever super sick, sick!  I did not want to travel, did not want to move or go to the bathroom. My bed was perfect though. Nice, warm and comfy. My bed was there for me when... Continue Reading →

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