Black Girls CODE: Robot Expo Nov 2017 #volunteerbgcdet

X-posted on Medium: Black Girls CODE: Robot Expo Nov 2017 #volunteerbgcdet Black Girls Code is an organization focused on empowering young girls, age 7–17, to become innovators and leaders in the STEM field. This organization has a Detroit chapter, and lucky for me, I relocated to Detroit in July of this year! On November 18, 2017,... Continue Reading →


Hey Bestie…

This is a moment when my bestie motivated me. I was quite confused the other day about what I want to do with my life. Where I want to be? What will my future look like? I just don’t know anymore. I thought I got it all figured out. I am a grad student after... Continue Reading →


What does everyone in the world want? We all want happiness. HAPPY. H-A-P-P-Y! A simple word but difficult to have. Happiness they say often comes in many forms. Some people define happiness as a relationship with a partner, getting materials goods like buying a new car, or computer, eating super good food (for those foodies)... Continue Reading →

Something nice!

Sometimes you just need someone to say something nice. Especially having a bad day, you need a little encouragement. Or after a fight. Or raining day. (Don’t get me wrong, some people like raining days.) Or after having a nightmare. I like hearing nice things because it keeps me uplifted. I go to work feeling... Continue Reading →

The Joy of being an Auntie!

Who doesn’t love being an auntie? I am going to have another baby niece or nephew. I still have to wait a couple more months to find out but I cannot wait. Why is it good being an auntie? I love being an auntie because of many, many reasons. Being an aunt means loving a... Continue Reading →

You GOT this!

Don’t let other people put you down, or knock you down. If someone does, you stand right up and you say, “I got this!” Because tomorrow will be a better day! And tomorrow will come for you. Recently it’s been hard. Especially when you do your best and the person still puts you down. Emotionally... Continue Reading →

Born a Crime

It feel so good to read! Who would have imagine, Sana with a Book! I have not touch a  book since the semester ended. It feels so good to read again. Read for pleasure. No news. No academics papers. Just pure pleasure reading, for fun! I bought a book before school ended, thinking I'm gonna... Continue Reading →

What does it mean to listen?

Hearing and listening are 2 different things. Hearing doesn't imply choice, it's unintentional. Listening does imply choice, it's intentional. Here's what it means to listen: Listening means "I respect you" Listening means "I care about what you have to say" Listening means "You matter in this moment" Listening means "I love you" Listening means "I'm... Continue Reading →

I’m a married woman! Say whaaa!!!

Getting Married!  Who would have thought I would ever get married? I still cannot believe I am married. After so many years of spending time abroad, exploring the world and having the time of my life with friends, I decided to settle down. I thought once before, it would be nice to settle down and... Continue Reading →

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