Guest Blogger Poem

"It was just a click away Such a dilemma it was Emotion and fear all around Heart and head in a deep conversation  Then courage wins over fear!"


How to get anything you want

  If you are interested in how to get anything you want, watch the video below. Even though I don't believe in the 'universe' as this young lady in the video below, (I believe in Jesus Christ), the message is still the same. I do believe that all spirituality - structured or not - has... Continue Reading →

Be Confident!

Every steps you take; every move you make! Be confident. I always had a confidence issue. I find myself of less value, or I am not sure if I will make it, meaning successful because the norms say I should study practical majors but instead decided to study East Asian Studies for example. It may... Continue Reading →

What does relationship mean to you?

Relationships are important, in fact it is so important that we as humans value it deeply sometimes even without realizing how much we love another and how close we can grow to them. Like many cultures, the Hmong culture strengths lies in its clans and network. Without a country, the Hmong had survived over and... Continue Reading →

Making Decisions

Often there are many decisions we have to make in life. One that might affect us directly, or one that might affect those around us, especially those that we love. I find this very difficult. Every decision I make has to be well thought out, or it simply need to have a reasonable logic behind... Continue Reading →

FSOT – Yep! That big test!

Taking the Foreign Service Exam It’s no joke when they tell you it’s going to be a hard exam. I wanted to share with you my experience taking the foreign service exam for those who wants to pursue this career path. It’s going to be a long process so start now if you are even... Continue Reading →

Random thought.

Often you find yourself rambling, thinking, and having doubts. Probably replaying the questions, the actions, words over and over. I do it all the time. Even when I think I am a rather a positive and happy person, I still have overthinking as a problem. One person told me, "you have to many what ifs"... Continue Reading →


Starting last month, I started mediating. I can not remember the last time I took time out of my day to meditate. My friend who practices mediation and went on a meditation camp tried to influence me to mediate but I always say "nahhhh~" because I know I will just fall asleep. But this time,... Continue Reading →

Capsule letters 

I dare you! Challenge you! Take a piece of paper and start writing.  Have your heard of capsule letters? They are letters to your future self, or possible future people you will meet.  My capsule letters started in 9th grade of highschool. My gym teacher made us write letters to our future self, well the... Continue Reading →

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