The Joy of being an Auntie!

Who doesn’t love being an auntie? I am going to have another baby niece or nephew. I still have to wait a couple more months to find out but I cannot wait. Why is it good being an auntie? I love being an auntie because of many, many reasons. Being an aunt means loving a... Continue Reading →


You GOT this!

Don’t let other people put you down, or knock you down. If someone does, you stand right up and you say, “I got this!” Because tomorrow will be a better day! And tomorrow will come for you. Recently it’s been hard. Especially when you do your best and the person still puts you down. Emotionally... Continue Reading →

Born a Crime

It feel so good to read! Who would have imagine, Sana with a Book! I have not touch a  book since the semester ended. It feels so good to read again. Read for pleasure. No news. No academics papers. Just pure pleasure reading, for fun! I bought a book before school ended, thinking I'm gonna... Continue Reading →

What does it mean to listen?

Hearing and listening are 2 different things. Hearing doesn't imply choice, it's unintentional. Listening does imply choice, it's intentional. Here's what it means to listen: Listening means "I respect you" Listening means "I care about what you have to say" Listening means "You matter in this moment" Listening means "I love you" Listening means "I'm... Continue Reading →

I’m a married woman! Say whaaa!!!

Getting Married!  Who would have thought I would ever get married? I still cannot believe I am married. After so many years of spending time abroad, exploring the world and having the time of my life with friends, I decided to settle down. I thought once before, it would be nice to settle down and... Continue Reading →

The story of my sister’s illness

I was 13 when my sister took sick. I’d like to think that my sister’s illness had changed my persona. I considered myself as a very talkative and social person, then after my sister got ill I was quite the opposite - very quiet, sombre, angry and living in a fantasy world in my head.... Continue Reading →

Guest Blogger Poem

"It was just a click away Such a dilemma it was Emotion and fear all around Heart and head in a deep conversation  Then courage wins over fear!"

How to get unstuck from your story

Hello! Lately I've been feeling like I'm being tossed to and fro by life and missing my personal deadlines, feeling stuck. But I've also been doing some deep reflections, some of the deepest ones I've ever done in my life. This video struck me because I realized I have lost hold of my vision! There's... Continue Reading →

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