1 down, 1 more to go!

I am done with my first year of graduate school and one more to go! To those who are thinking about going to graduate school but not really sure if it is the right choice for you. I encourage you to look at schools and apply anyways. You never know who you will meet or... Continue Reading →

Making Decisions

Often there are many decisions we have to make in life. One that might affect us directly, or one that might affect those around us, especially those that we love. I find this very difficult. Every decision I make has to be well thought out, or it simply need to have a reasonable logic behind... Continue Reading →

Why Are You Lacking Motivation?

Often I find it hard to say exactly where I am going and what I am doing. I have been juggling with my personal life, school work, and professional work recently. With many tasks to do everyday I feel boggled down. I just don't have motivation. I am tired. I just want to sit down... Continue Reading →

FSOT – Yep! That big test!

Taking the Foreign Service Exam It’s no joke when they tell you it’s going to be a hard exam. I wanted to share with you my experience taking the foreign service exam for those who wants to pursue this career path. It’s going to be a long process so start now if you are even... Continue Reading →

Job Hunting for International Students 101 Part 7 – You made it to a face-to-face interview, now what?

Hello, welcome to the Job Hunting for International Students Series. I will give some tips on how you as a 4 year-degree seeker can secure a job after college. Job Hunting for International Student Series: https://motispire.wordpress.com/tag/jhis-series/ Part 7: Face to face interview   Wow, so you’ve made it this far! Congrats! It means they like... Continue Reading →

First-time car buyer

I just moved to the frigid state of Minnesota, with a lot of mixed reviews from other people in my head regarding public transportation. The only thing that is consistent with all the people I've spoken to is that it is COLD. Freezer burn type of cold. On the topic of public transportation, I've realized... Continue Reading →

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