What are you suppressing?

If you're anything of an overthinker like myself, you end up worrying about situations in the future that haven't even happened yet because of a bad decision you made today. I say to myself, 'without a doubt, this is how I'm going to handle it next time, and that's that'. Then I pat myself on the... Continue Reading →


Valentine’s Day: Love is Love

In the spirit of celebrating Valentine’s day today, I just wanted to say, celebrate it! It’s a day of love, a day to appreciate and simply a day to give to your loved ones. Whether that is your partner, your friend, your mom, or your dog. Do something nice and be nice. Although I can... Continue Reading →

Life of being an Aunt

I am excited to share with you I have another baby niece. She arrived on January 31st! Her name is Luna. Although I have not had the time to make a trip back home to visit her, I love her so much already. She is so adorable and looks exactly like her older sister. Babies... Continue Reading →

Childhood, a place to be

If you can go back to the past, stay in the present or go to the future, which one will you choose? As a teenager, I would say future. It is because I wanted to grow up and be independent. I want freedom and do everything without asking for permission. For example, buy ice cream... Continue Reading →


I remember learning about Martin Luther King in elementary school. His speeches and his character greatly influence me and the way how I think about human rights, equality and the love for others. His "I have a dream speech" always questioned me "what is my dream?" Dream. One simple word and yet it's a so... Continue Reading →

One question!

I was reading an article and it sparked a self-reflection. This article is called "Tony Robbins Has 1 Question That Can Turn Your Worst Day Around" Here is the link to the article if you are interested in reading it yourself. I started following Tony Robbins years ago, and he always says something and it... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday! Birthday celebrations are an interesting concept. Does anyone remember their birth? Why celebrate if we do not remember, but rely on a piece of paper (birth certificate) that we are born on this day at this time. In fact, in some cultures, birthdays are not celebrated or recognized. But in the American context, it's... Continue Reading →

Happy 2018!

Happy New Year! Motispire survives another year! It felt like yesterday when I took on the 30-day challenge. This blog continues to force me to write and think about how I have grown throughout the year. Sometimes it made me wonder, why keep writing if no one reads it. Why bother? But at the end of the day,... Continue Reading →

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